21 July 2008

Nancy Stenson's Workbook

There used to be a fabulous set of exercises and additional work based on O'Siadhail's Learning Irish, and developed by Nancy Stenson for her Irish Gaelic classes. However, people move around and the files vanished into the ether almost 10 years ago.

You can find all the lessons in the archives of the GAELIC-L listserv. The Archive is interesting on its own, but the text-only format is pretty hard to read.

However, I had all the workbook lessons and exercises copied into a local notebook (yes, I am a weird information hoarder) and I contacted Prof. Stenson and received her permission to post them on my website. The exercises are available as html files, and both the exercises and answers are available as a zipped MS Word file.

The files are available here: Nancy Stenson's Workbooks.

There may still be typos or errors in the exercises -- if you find any, please drop me a note so I can get things updated.


Cionaodh said...

Nancy's a member of the North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers. You might find her address somewhere on their website: http://www.naaclt.org/

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